12 Nov




Our studio is spritely and our attitude is efficient – we work quickly and accurately to turn your concept into a casting in mere weeks.


We’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, keeping us on our toes and at the forefront of the metal casting industry. With our unique capacity to move through projects quickly, we are able to participate in research for OEMs, foundries, suppliers, and trade organizations in order to keep our clients and ourselves state-of-the-science.


We work closely with our customers from the start of the product development cycle to shorten the time to production by reducing the lengths of the engineering and prototyping phases. We use available technologies such as: 3D printed patterns and molds, CNC machined patterns, loose patterns and more to provide prototype solutions optimized for cost, quality and speed.


Casting design is at the heart of what we do. We assist with the design of GI, DI, AGI, CADI, and DI castings, optimized for manufacturing, cost, and function. Joyworks can help simplify the casting conversion process, helping to re-design steel castings, weldments, forgings, and aluminum castings. We aim to help customers reach the best material and process combination, acknowledging the unique elements that are represented in each project and recognizing that there is no universal solution.

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